Sunday, September 1, 2013

Super September

Happy September, everyone!!

I really love September! Actually, the "ber" months are my favorite ones of the whole year.  And September is my favorite of those.

Maybe it's because the first day of fall is in September, and fall is my favorite season.  I love the weather in September, and the anticipation of the changing leaves, and the air starting to get crisp in the morning and evenings - you know, that cold that has the bite of fall in it. I think people tend to be generally pretty happy in September too; we aren't complaining about the heat of the summer or mosquitos anymore, but the sun hasn't disappeared yet for the winter so the lack of vitamin D isn't making us cranky yet.  It also may or may not be because my birthday is in September.  I don't know, I just love September! I've been super pumped all day.

Yesterday, I was thinking about how today would be the start of September (no joke, I love it that much) and I was getting excited and I had this epiphany. Well, it's actually been brewing in my heart and mind for a few days I think but yesterday I felt motivated in my heart to make a decision: I decided I wanted to challenge myself this September. And for the sake of my own accountability I'm going to share it with you publicly on my blog.

World, this September is going to be a month of fearlessness for me! (Insert fist pump)

Let me explain. Do you ever just find yourself sort of in a rut?  Not like a bad rut, but just doing the same old things not because that routine works for you but just because?  Have you ever just thought for a minute and realized that you don't try certain things or do certain things because you're afraid?

Well, I do. And I think it probably happens to everyone at various points in life, so I'm assuming I'm in good company.

For various reasons and circumstances, I've come to realize lately the many things I haven't been doing simply because I'm afraid to do them. I'm afraid to try something new because I might fail at it; or I'm afraid to sign up for something because I'd have to do it by myself; or I don't go check out that place I've always wanted to explore, not for any legitimate reason but just because. And it is just really silly to live in fear like that!

There's this quote I love from Mary Oliver (poet), that goes: "Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?" I have it on my wall as a challenge to myself to live intentionally.  God desires my life in abundance; I am precious in His eyes, honored, and He loves me (Is 43:4) - what is fear, in the face of such love? 

So, this September, I'm starting an adventure - the goal is fearlessness, in every way possible. I'm going to be very intentional about why I am or am not doing something - and if the reason is merely fear, then it's not a good enough reason.  The things I'm afraid to do? I'm doing 'em. The conversations I'm afraid to have? I'm having 'em. The ways I'm afraid to pray? I'm comin' at ya, Lord!

So here I go! It's only Sept 1, and I've already made contact with the young adult groups I've been avoiding for a year and joined a gym. What crazy things will I do next?! 



  1. Fearless!

    A group of us are going to a beer tasting at Chicago Botanic Garden on Oct 11th, if you like beer do you wanna go too?

    Andew Williams